Are you facing problems studying for a longer time or keeping a steady focus while you are studying? Also, you find yourself looking out of the window or staring at the walls. Concentration is so important for effective learning and It’s Important to know how to study with concentration. However, in this modern world, our brains are bombarded with so much information every single second. As a result, most students find it difficult to focus on their studies.

Additionally, various reports have shown that many people, mostly youngsters, use mobile phones for at least 8-10 hours a day. As a result, most students find it hard to learn something about their academics and study for a long time. 

Therefore, in the following content, you will learn about the techniques for how to study with concentration. Additionally, you will read tips on how to increase concentration to study. Apart from that, these tips would be helpful if you are pursuing online degree courses.

7 Tips to Study with Concentration for a Longer Time

Stay Away from Distractions

To avoid distraction, you must choose your study place away from your family members. Also, you must fix your study table away from the window and keep your mobile phones away or switch them off. Therefore, you can cut the distraction by minimizing the cause of the distraction.

Make a Study Plan

Planning a study schedule helps you so much with effective learning. So, you must fix a time for every subject. In this way, you have to finish a task within a certain time and you do not waste hours on one subject.

Taking Regular Breaks

Taking breaks when you are studying can help you relax and study for a long time. So, you can take a 5–10 minute break every hour you study. Additionally, you can try taking a walk, listening to a song, watching a funny video, eating something, etc., in your breaks to enhance your mood. 

Take a Nap Right after you Learn something New

Many studies show that taking a nap after you learn something new can help you remember something for longer. Therefore, you can use this technique when you are learning something difficult.

Add Creativity to your Learning

Studying for your books can sometimes be boring and put you to sleep. Therefore, to make studying more creative, you can try watching videos related to the topic you are learning and ask for help from a friend. Also, learning something visually is more effective than just reading about that topic. 

Use the Chunking Method

Chunking is breaking something into smaller tasks to get better results. Therefore, you can use chunking when you have to finish a long project or learn many chapters. 

So, you can tell yourself that you are going to learn only one chapter or solve only one sum to get into your studies. And after you finish, you tell yourself you are going to study one more chapter or solve one more problem. 

Do not Aim too High

You should not get too excited and say, “I am going to study for 8 hours on your first day.” You are preparing to fail on your first day if you aim too high. So, if you are studying for a long time, you should not set your sights too high.

Additionally, developing the habit of studying for a longer time and staying focused takes time. Hence, try studying only one or two hours with your full concentration for the first few days. 

How to Increase your Concentration?

Below are listed some of the major tips that can help you increase your concentration level:


Mediation is probably the best way to increase your concentration level. Meditation helps in calming the mind and removing unnecessary thoughts from it. So, you can try meditating for 5–15 minutes, and you will see a significant improvement in your concentration level in a few weeks. 

Reducing the Use of Electronic Devices

We feed our brains unnecessary and useless information every day by using mobiles, watching too much television, playing video games, or binging on laptops/computers. Therefore, you should cut down on the use of these electronic devices as much as possible.

Taking Proper Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can mess up our minds as well as our health. So, getting proper sleep is another crucial factor you must fix if you want to have a healthy life and improve your concentration. 

Keeping Yourself Healthy

“Great health is a sign of a great mind.” So, if you want to keep your mind healthy and develop steady concentration, you must indulge in some kind of exercise. Also, eating healthy plays an important role in keeping yourself healthy. 


So, if you want to study for longer and learn effectively in less time, you can use the tips and techniques listed above on how to study with concentration. Also, if you are planning to enroll in graduate degree courses, you can consider enrolling in online graduation courses. The online graduation degree gives you the opportunity to complete your studies from the comfort of home. 

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