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  • What is Online Bcom Degree  in one year?

  • How to finish your one year online Bcom degree in fast track mode?

  • What is future scope after Online Bcom Degree?

  • How can I do Online Bcom Degree From UGC-DEB approved Universities?

  • Is Online Bcom Degree valid for Government Job?

Online Bcom Degree in one year:

As a fact , Online Bcom is a three year undergraduate course, so a candidate need to study 5- 6 subject including one or two compulsory subjects.  Although, through this course curriculum one can expect a career in numerous fields. Also, Online Degree graduates are delivering their service in various  government sectors.  SimilarlyOnline Bcom Degree course can take you in accounting, financial and investment departments.

Process To Take Admission For Bcom Online Degree in One Year:

 To take online admission for Bcom in one year online degree course, these are the procedure followed by the universities.

Credit Transfer:

 Firstly, if you have passed your 2nd year of graduation from any UGC –DEB recognized university and discontinued your graduation program. Hence, you are eligible to take admission directly in the 3rd year and through this process.

 Breaking Study:

Secondly, breaking study is the process where a student who left education after the 1st year, 2nd year or 3rd year. They can get himself/herself enrolled for the 3rd year directly.

 Lateral Entry:

 Thirdly, a student is eligible for lateral entry process in case he/she has completed any diploma program. candidate wants to take admission in the graduation or post- graduation course with the similar field.

Online BCom Admission with UGC-DEB Approved University: 

Therefore , we provide online Degree, from UGC (University grants commission ) and DEB ( Distance Education Bureau) approved Universities. Certainly,  Admissions in both online undergraduate Degree course and online Post-graduation Degree courses   are provided.  Again, courses such as online BA, online BBA, online B.COM, online MCOM, online MBA, online BSc IT, online BSc computer science Online MA, online MCOM, online MBA, online MCA, online MSc IT, MSc computer Science and so on are provided. Also, after online Admission, complete online support is provided to  students from our counselors. In fact, Students can take admission directly in the online Degree course according to their field of interest.

Online Bcom Undergraduate Course Universities are:

Even, there are endless options, when it comes to choose the universities for Therefore, it’s very important to do your own research about the university. Who is offering that course in which particular subject you’re interested in before taking admission in the same. Hence,  we are providing the online degree certificate from top online distance Universities, which offers the same course .

Online Bcom (General) Course Eligibility:

Furthermore , to take admission in Online Bcom course, student should have passed the higher secondary education or 10+2 with minimum percentage required from University. Although, Bcom can be done in two ways –  One can either opt for online Bcom(General) or for Online Bcom hons .


Save Time And Become a Multi- Tasker :-

 In addition , Online Undergraduate Degree Courses saves the time spent in commuting from university to back home. Thus, the time saved can be utilized in other fruitful and productive tasks you have at hand  and can be a multitasker. Therefore, candidate don’t need to quite his/her job to finish your online degree course.

Future Scope in Online Bcom Degree:

As well as, we all know that current industry gives priority to the regular pass out candidates. But, Online Bcom course candidates also reaching to their desired job profile after doing some additional efforts. As we know is considered one of the most demanding and desirable course when it comes to education. It offer jobs in many fields.  Although, after BCom one can opt Mcom, MA, CS, CA, LLB, and so on courses in postgraduation.  As a matter of fact, all you need to develop skills so as you can reserve your job in any major or multinational company later.

Job Opportunities:

Similarly, Online Bcom Degree, individuals can find their job space in various sectors whether it’s a government or private sector. In fact , they can pick teaching, chartered financial analyst, Business Accounting and Taxation, certified management accountant, US certified public accounting, financial risk manager, and much more in government and private sector. Hence for government job, candidate needs to clear entrance exams and interview conducted by government. Moreover,  having a graduation really leaves a good impression on your personality whether you’re just online undergraduate course pass out. Though, online Degree acts as a mileage to the working professionals. Even, where they can find more opportunities rather than other individuals. Moreover, it always assists the professionals to secure their own space at the workplace.

In like mannerApply for Correspondence From IGNOU Mumbai University DU BU.


How can I study Online BCom Admission?

Studying for an online BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) admission involves several steps to ensure you are well-prepared for the application process and the coursework. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the process:

Research and Choose a University/College:

Start by researching universities or colleges offering online BCom programs. Look for reputable institutions that are accredited and recognized.

Consider factors such as course curriculum, faculty credentials, program duration, and tuition fees.

Check Online BCom Admission Requirements:

Review the admission requirements for the Online BCom Admission of your chosen institution. This may include academic qualifications, standardised test scores, and language proficiency tests.

Prepare Necessary Documents:

Gather all required documents, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and any other documents specified by the institution.

Application Process:

Complete the online application form provided by the university or college. Ensure that you fill in all the required information accurately.

Pay attention to application deadlines and submit your application well in advance.

Entrance Exams (if required):

Some institutions may require you to take standardised tests such as the SAT, ACT, or other specific exams. Prepare for and take these exams as necessary.

Financial Aid and Scholarships:

Explore available financial aid options, scholarships, and grants. Check with the university’s financial aid office for information on any available assistance.

Prepare for Interviews (if required):

Some institutions may require an interview as part of the admission process. Prepare for possible questions and practise your responses.

Technology Requirements:

Ensure you have access to the necessary technology and internet connection for online learning. Familiarise yourself with the online learning platform used by the institution.

Stay Informed:

Keep track of your application status and any updates from the university. Check your email regularly for communication from the admissions office.

Prepare for BCom Coursework:

If you are accepted into the program, familiarise yourself with the curriculum and required textbooks. Consider reviewing foundational concepts in accounting, finance, economics, and business.

Time Management:

Develop good time management skills as online learning requires self-discipline. Create a study schedule and set realistic goals to stay on top of your coursework.

Engage in Online Communities:

Join forums or discussion groups related to your BCom program. Engaging with peers and professors online can enhance your learning experience.

Remember that each institution may have its own specific requirements and procedures, so be sure to thoroughly review the admission guidelines provided by the university or college you are interested in.

Top Online  Degree Courses in India 2024

Course nameYearsEligibility
B.A (General)310+2
B.A (Hindi)310+2
B.A (English)310+2
B.A (Sanskrit)310+2
B.A (Urdu)310+2
B.A (Political Science)310+2
B.A (History)310+2
B.A (Sociology)310+2
B.A (Public Administration)310+2
B.A (Economics)310+2
B.A (Mathematics)310+2
B.A (Education)310+2
B.A (Social Work)310+2
Bachelor of Library information Science (B.L.I.S)1Graduation
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)310 + 2
Master of Commerce (M.Com)2Graduation
M.A (Human Rights)2Graduation
M.A (Hindi)2Graduation
M.A (Sanskrit)2Graduation
M.A (English)2Graduation
M.A (Political Science)2Graduation
M.A (History)2Graduation
M.A (Philosophy)2Graduation
M.A (Sociology)2Graduation
M.A (Mathematics)2Graduation
M.A (Economics)2Graduation
M.A (Education)2Graduation
M.A (Psychology)2Graduation
M.A (Geography)2Graduation
M.A (Physical Education)2Graduation
M.A (Public Administration)2Graduation
Master of Social Work (M.S.W)2Graduation
Master of Library Information Science (M.L.I.S)1B.L.I.S.
BBA310 + 2
Bachelor Insurance & Risk Management610 + 2
Master of Business Administration (MBA)ÿ(Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Production, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hospital Management, Supply and Chain Management, Operation Management, Information Technology, Banking, Retail Management, Project Management, Total Quality Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Disaster Management, Airport Management, Project Management, Rural/Urban Development Management, Hotel Management4Graduation
Executive MBA (EMBA)ÿ(Human Resource Management, Finance Management, IT Management, Marketing Management, Insurance and Banking, Production and Operation Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Retail Management, Project Management, International Marketing Management)2Graduation + 3 Years work experience
Masters in Insurance & Risk Management4Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and tourism1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in International Business1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Management1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing1Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising1Graduation
Diploma in Business Management110+2
Diploma in International Business110+2
Diploma in Hospital Management110+2
Diploma in Retail Management110+2
Diploma in Food Supply Chain Management110+2
Diploma in Marketing110+2
Diploma in Advertising110+2
Diploma in Insurance & Risk Management210+2
Certificate in all streams110+2
BCA310 + 2
B.Sc Information Technology (IT)310 + 2
M.Sc Computer Science4Graduation
M.Sc Information Technology (IT)4Graduation
Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)210+2
Diploma in Software Engineering (DSE)210+2
Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)210+2
Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)210+2
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA)2Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT)2Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS)2Graduation
Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking210+2 in any stream or equivalent.
Certificate in Computer Application (CCA)110+2
Certificate in Computing (CIC)110+2
B.Sc (General)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (With Biology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Mathematics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Statistics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Physics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Chemistry)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Botany)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Zoology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Microbiology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Applied Chemistry)310+ 2 Science (Mathematics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
M.Sc (Chemistry)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
M.Sc (Physics)2B.Sc With Relevant Subject
M.Sc (Environment Science)4B.Sc With PCM/PCB
Diploma In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)210+2
B.Sc In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)610+2
B.Sc (Biotechnology)610 + 2
B.Sc (Bioinformatics)610 + 2
M.Sc (Biotechnology)4Graduation
M.Sc (Bioinformatics)4Graduation
Certificate Course in Advanced Bio-informatics110+2
Certificate Course in Industrial Biotechnology110+2
Certificate Course in IPR & Patents Law110+2
B.Sc in Yoga and Naturopathy410+2 With PCB
M.A in Yoga and Health Education4Graduation
M.Sc in Yoga and Health Education4Graduation
Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga and Health Education2Graduation
Diploma in Yoga and Health Education210+2
B.A (Hospitality & Tourism)310 + 2
B.A (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)310 + 2
B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality)310+2
B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality) (lateral)110+2 AND ADHAH
M.A (Tourism Management)2Graduation
Diploma in Hotel Management110+2
Diploma in Hospitality Management110+2
Diploma in Hotel Administration& Hospitality Management110+2
Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality1Graduation
Advance Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality210+2
Advance Diploma in Hotel Administration & Hospitality in Sem III110+2 AND DHM
PG Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism1Graduation
Certificate in Front Office Management6 Month10+2
Certificate in Tourism Management6 Month10+2
B.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)610 + 2
B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)610 + 2
M.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)6Graduation
M.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)6Graduation
Diploma in Web Journalism210+2
Diploma in Brand Management210+2
PG Diploma in Media Management/ PR & Marketing Communication/ Print Journal / Broadcast/ Advtg. & Event Planning/ Corp Com/Brand Management2Graduation
Certificate in Event Management110+2
Certificate in Mass Communication110+2
B.A in Fashion Marketing & Promotion610 + 2
B.A in Fashion Technology610 + 2
B.Sc Interior Design610+2
B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia610+2
M.Sc in Fashion Designing4B.Sc in Fashion Designing
B.Sc in Fashion Designing610+2
Post Graduate Diploma IN Fashion Designing2B.Sc in Fashion Designing
Post Graduate Diploma Graphics & Multimedia210th
Diploma in Art and Craft210+2
Diploma Fashion Design210+2
Diploma Fashion Marketing210+2
Diploma in Fashion Merchandising210+2
Diploma Interior Design210th
Diploma Graphics & Multimedia210th
BBA2nd Year10+2
BCA2nd Year10+2
B.SC IT2nd Year10+2
B.SC CS2nd Year10+2
MCA3rd SemesterGraduation
MCA5th SemesterBCA
M.Sc IT2nd YearGraduation
M.Sc CS2nd YearGraduation
Advance Diploma in Fire Safety2nd Year10+2
B.Sc in Fashion Design2nd Year10+2
B.Sc in Interior Design2nd Year10+2
There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:



Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Is Bcom Programme a good course ?

Ans. Yes. In fact, Bcom programme is perhaps the most dependable course . Additionally ,  Bcom programme is the best for students who want to make a career in commerce, accounting, finance banking and so on.

Q.2. Which job is best after Bcom?

Ans. Firstly, Chartered Accountant is highest paying job for commerce students , even Investment banker , certified public accountant and so on are also popular .

Q.3. What can I do after Bcom programme?

Ans.  Equally, there are many career options after Bcom- Mcom, MBA, Specialize in Bussiness Analytics, LLB etc.

Q.4. Can I get a Government job after Bcom?

Ans. Yes. here are different public sector banking jobs that you can apply after bcom firstly IBPS PO , SBI PO and RBI Grade B officier etc.

Q.5. Which all certificates will I receive after the course completion?


  • Firstly, Marksheet
  • Further , Provisional Degree and Migration Certificate
  • Finally, Original Degree at Time of Convocation in the University.

Q.6. Which all documents are required to apply for  Bcom?


  • Firstly ,10th class marksheet and certificate
  • then,  12th class marksheet and certificate
  • Further, Breaking study proof
  • After then,  Address proof
  • Finally ,Passport size photograph