Distance education is truly a blessing to humankind. It’s just we do not value it as much. Therefore, to let people know of its advantages, we’ve brought today’s article. Today we will focus and ponder upon the reasons to choose distance degrees. Hence, make sure you read it till the end to make the best out of this beneficial piece. To begin with, we will directly dive into the direct benefits of a degree in one year. This list will clear most of your doubts concerning degree from distance.

Flexible schedule.

It is one of the most underrated benefits of a degree in one year. Since you study from the comfort of your home you get a lot of time to yourself. Therefore, you can fix your desired study schedules. Now you do not have to fit into someone else’s timetable. It is because distance education gives you the facility to learn at your own pace and time.

Work full-time and excel.

You get to work full time with a distance education course. Honestly, it is the sole reason why so many applicants apply for a degree in one year each year. Also, do not forget that you get an experience of the market world when you work full-time while pursuing your distance degree.

Job opportunities

It is the biggest myth that a degree in one year does not have many job opportunities. Therefore we are here to bust all of the social stereotypes. In years of experience, we have seen many distance education students securing high-paying jobs. Moreover, in the working world, there is no discrimination between a regular and a distance degree student.


One of the best reasons to choose a distance degree is its affordability. The tuition fee of a degree in one year is less compared to a regular degree. It is because the Government of India with the Distance Education Bureau aims at the poorest of the poor. Both of the organisations want to provide education to all, irrespective of their economic condition. Moreover, students who cannot afford the tuition fee of private institutions enrol in a degree in one year.

Eliminate travelling

One of the reasons to choose distance degrees is that you study from the comfort of your home. Do you know what it means? You get to save all of your money by eliminating unnecessary travelling. In most simple terms, you do not have to travel back and forth to your education institution.  Studies have shown that travelling expenses have proved to increase student expenses. Therefore, with a degree in one year, you can cut back on that.

The safest option for married women/ single parents etc.

Not to mention the safest option available to education for married women, a single parent is a degree in one year. It is because you can acquire education from anywhere. Therefore, now you do not have to leave your education after marriage. All thanks to the Indian Government and the Education Ministry of India.

Prepare for government job exams alongside

Do you wish to sit for government competitive exams? Then say no more because a degree in one year will cater to all of your needs at once.  While you study from your room for your distance graduation and post-graduation, you can prepare for government competitive exams on the side. We told you how beneficial a degree in one year is!

Prefer UGC-DEB-approved universities only.

We must also warn you of different scams that happen online. Distance education has been in-demand lately. Therefore, scams online have increased dramatically. Hence, you need to make sure that you get yourself enrolled in UGC-DEB-approved universities only. Otherwise, you might not get a legitimate degree. Lastly, finding a good UGC-DEB-approved university can be very time-consuming. Therefore, we are here at your rescue. Hence, you can book a free counselling session with us. And we will get the best universities for you. Now that we have given all the best reasons to choose distance degrees. We will now look upon all of your frequently asked questions and answer all of them. Therefore read till the end to get the best information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is my distance degree valid?

Your degree in one year is valid and acceptable. However, the only thing that you need to be sure, is that your university should be UGC-DEB-approved. Degrees obtained by the approved institutions will only be accepted. 

Q2. Can I do a Post Graduate diploma in distance graduation?

Yes, you can do a diploma Undergraduate or postgraduate in distance education. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Moreover, a degree in one year was introduced to facilitate students just like you. Therefore, make the best use of it. 


To conclude, you like to say that a degree in one year is the choice of the future. Moreover, today we presented the top reasons to choose a distance degree in the 21st century. Hence, if you found this article beneficial make sure you share it around too.