In the following article, you will read about the various banking course with placement. Also, you would read about the best courses and colleges to do post-graduation programs in banking. Additionally, you will get to read- what is one sitting degree? And how you can complete post-graduation degree courses in 1 year.

Sounds interesting? Let’s get started.

What Is the Postgraduate Program In Banking?

 After completing the under graduation in banking, you can pursue post-graduation programs. So there are many post-graduation courses such as M.Com. Also the duration of post-graduation is generally 2 years. But the duration of this course can also vary for different universities.

 Therefore, you learn about banking and finance in Post-graduation programs. Also, there are many job opportunities you can get after completing your post-graduation. However, this course also is beneficial if you want to study further.

Syllabus of Post-graduation courses In Banking

The syllabus can vary for different courses and different colleges. But some common subjects belong to banking courses. So below are some common subjects in post-graduation in banking:

  • Marketing of financial service
  • Modern banking theories
  • Principal of finance
  • Banking laws
  • Direct and indirect taxes
  • Foreign exchange
  • The financial market in India
  • Economics of global trade and finance
  • International banking and finance
  • Commercial bank management
  • Banking awareness
  • Financial accounting

What are the Post-graduation Courses?

There are many other courses you can pursue in your post-graduation. Also, many colleges offer banking courses with placement. So below are listed some post-graduation courses in banking:

  • MBA in Global Banking and Finance
  • Similarly , MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • MBA in Banking and Finance
  • M.Sc. in Banking and Finance
  • Again, M.Sc. in Financial Services in Banking
  • M.Sc. in Finance Banking and Insurance
  • Similarly, M.Sc. in Banking and Risk
  • Business Economics, Finance, and Banking
  • So, M.Sc. in International Banking and Finance
  • M.Sc. in Global Banking and Finance
  • Further, M.Sc. in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • M.Sc. in Banking, Finance, and Risk Management.
  • Master of Law in International Banking
  • Lastly, Master of Banking and Finance Law

What are the Best colleges to Pursue Post-graduation Programs In Banking?

There are many colleges where you can pursue post-graduation programs in banking. Also, the syllabus and the courses can be little variation in every college. So below are listed some top universities to purses post-graduation in banking-

  • Ahmedabad Management Association
  • HNGU – Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University
  • ICFAI University – Mizoram
  • ICICI Manipal Academy for Banking and Insurance
  • IIFA Lancaster Degree College
  • IIKM Business School
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
  • Institute of Finance Banking and Insurance, etc.

How can I apply for Admission to Pursue Post-graduation Programs In Banking?

Generally, admission for post-graduation programs in banking is based on merit and entrance exams. Also, candidates have to pass the interview in some colleges to get admission. However, the admission process happens in November. Additionally, candidates can apply online or offline for admission.

 For admission, candidates have to fill the form online/offline. And after that candidates have to submit the required documents like Bachelor’s degree Mark Sheet, Degree, ID proof, and photographs for the admission process. 

What are the Benefits of doing a Postgraduate Program In Banking?

 There are many advantages of pursuing post-graduation programs in banking that are given below-

  • Candidates get many career options after completing their post-graduation degree.
  • They can get many job offers after completing this course
  • Candidates can also study if they want.
  • Candidates can get high-paying jobs.
  • Also, it helps to secure your future, etc.

Can I Pursue Post-graduation courses In Banking online?

Yes, you can pursue post-graduation courses in banking online. So many colleges offer online courses for post-graduation in banking. So you can apply for admission to your interested colleges.

Additionally, online post-graduation courses in banking are a lot cheaper than the traditional way of education. Also, you can complete your studies at home and you do not have to go to college regularly. Moreover, you can join the virtual online classes through video conferencing.

Can I Pursue a Single Sitting Degree for a Post-graduation Course In Banking?

 In a single sitting course, candidates do not have to take semester exams. Also, they can take all exams at once at the end of the year. And candidates can also complete two or three-year courses in one year. Hence it is also called a one year degree.

 So if candidates want to pursue a single sitting degree for a post-graduation course in banking, they can apply for admission. Therefore candidates learn all the subjects in one year. Also in post-graduation degree one year course candidates can take all the exams at once. Moreover, you can also do a single sitting post-graduation program online.

What are the Job Opportunities after completing a Postgraduate Degree In Banking?

After candidates complete a postgraduate degree in banking, they can get many high pay jobs. Also, they can appear in many government exams. So there are  banking course with placement you can get after completing a postgraduate degree in banking-

  • Lecturer/ Teacher
  • Banking Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Manager


There are many post-graduation banking course with placement. So can post-graduation degree in banking after you complete yours under graduation. There are many courses you can pursue post-graduation in banking. Also, you will learn about the in-depth knowledge of finance and banking in post-graduation degree in banking. And after completing these programs you can get many job opportunities in government or private sectors.

Additionally, if you want to apply for the post-graduation program in banking you can apply online or offline. So after applying for admission you have to submit all the required documents to your college/institute. Though the admission process can vary for different colleges. Therefore some colleges give admission based on merit and entrance exam. Thus, you can pursue post-graduation in banking online too. And if you want you can join the single sitting program for post-graduation in banking. Before choosing any course, it is better to get proper counseling about it.