Most asked questions about One Year Degree Programs in Distance Education

Never let minor obstacles block your way to education. Just with a bit of guidance, you will be able to get that most wanted degree. Now you may ask how? Hold your heart because we have brought you the perfect solution. Consider a one year degree program your golden chance towards your dream degree! Moreover, today we will answer your queries altogether. So do not wait and pull up your socks for distance education.

 How do you complete a distance degree?

Now education has been more accessible than before. So, even if you work full-time, you can pursue one-year degree programs to complete your studies with absolute value. 

And now the question arises who will offer you a one year degree? Do not worry because we have your back. The UGC-DEB-approved universities offer you their excellent one year degrees. Moreover, students who cannot attend physical classes can opt for one year degree programs. Hence, if you wish to enroll yourself in the program, drop us an email from our official website. And we will make this journey a child’s play for you.

 What Does distance degree mean?

A distance degree is nothing but the education acquired from the comfort of your home. Moreover, if you’re a student who can not be physically present in classes, distance education is specially made for you. Moreover, people who had to drop out of their education to take up other responsibilities should opt for distance degrees. 

 Is distance degree valid?

Whenever students hear that you get an education from your home, they get skeptical and think if their distance education degree is valid or not. Therefore, we are a team of dedicated professionals in the field of distance education. Hence, be rest assured that your distance education degree or one-year degree program is valid. However, it would help if you looked for UGC-DEB-approved universities. It is because only UGC-DEB-approved universities offer you a fair and widely accepted degree. 

 Can I get a degree in 1 year?

Getting a degree in one year is no longer a dream! All thanks to the UGC-DEB-approved universities. They offer legitimate one year degree programs for students just like you. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about quitting your full-time commitments too. It means you can study from your bedroom and at your desired pace. How flexible is that? And wait, we can help you save a lot of your time in the process with our years of experience in distance education. So book a free counseling session with our experts today. 

 Is there any future for distance education and one year degree programs?

Undoubtedly yes. One year degree programs or distance degrees have an equally promising future as the regular ones. Moreover, our team has expertise in distance education. Therefore, we can guide you to your dream degree from the comfort of your home. So, please do not wait and get yourself enrolled for a free counseling session by us. Hurry, only a few seats left.

 Which degree is best for distance education?

It is again one of the most requested questions by all the students. Therefore, we must tell you that you can get any degree from distance education. However, make sure that the institution that you choose has UGC-DEB approval. Moreover, considering your busy schedule, we can help you find an excellent UGC-DEB-approved university. So drop us an email, and we’ll get working for you!

How do the students who wish to pursue higher education through distance education know the institution’s recognition status?

We always suggest our students look for UGC-DEB-approved universities only. Moreover, only UGC-DEB-approved universities will give you lawful degrees. Our experts will help you get into the best universities for your distance degree. Furthermore, to get a formal list of UGC-DEB-approved education institutions, head to our official website today. 

 Is a One Year degree eligible for UPSC?

Who said UPSC discriminates between one year degree program students and the regular ones? You are eligible for UPSC examinations with your one year degree. Moreover, all you need to take care of is double-check if your institution is UGC-DEB-approved. If your desired institute is not UGC-DEB-approved, then leave it immediately because it’s a scam. Whereas if it is approved, then go ahead with your plan. 

What is one sitting degree?

One sitting degree is also popular as one year degree. Again, it is because both are the same program. Moreover, it is named as one sitting degree because you have to sit for your examination just once to get a legitimate degree in your name. 


To quickly conclude, we would say that one-year degree programs are no less than regular on-campus degrees. Moreover, distance education requires more dedication and inculcates more discipline into a student. 

Furthermore, today we answered all of your queries. However, if you feel like ok you still have doubts regarding distance education and one year degree programs, feel free to book a free counseling session with our professionals. And we will make this journey easy for you.