What is the importance of one sitting degree in 2024?

 There can be various reasons that led to the discontinuation of your studies. However, we shall not overlook the importance of education in our life. So today, we have an opportunity for you to pursue one sitting degree. And  you can finish your education which was left incomplete. So, we know the passion for education can never die in someone. But when you put the right resources to the proper use, you can succeed like never before. So read ahead to know about the one sitting degree offered by various UGC-DEB-approved universities.

 How can I complete my discontinued degree?

You can find numerous online graduation programs offered by UGC-DEB-approved universities that can help you pursue your unfinished degree online anytime and anywhere. One such program is the one-sitting degree. This program helps you complete your two or three (or four) years of degree in just one sitting. Here, one sitting means an applicant to write one exam for all the semesters to get their desired degree.

Is one sitting degree valid?

Many students fear that the one sitting degree is not backed with enough credibility to invest their time and money. However, we must stay away from this notion and educate ourselves regarding the legitimacy and credibility of the one sitting degree. The one sitting degree program is valid and approved by UGC-DEB, MHRD, and AIU. Moreover, applicants with these degrees can apply to government jobs as well. This means the one sitting degree is now 100% accepted by the government as well!

The program offered ensures that citizens do not stop learning even after they start working. This is the sole reason why so many facilities exist for the students to balance their work and studies simultaneously. If you still have second thoughts regarding the degree’s legitimacy. So, book a counseling session and get answers to your queries because your satisfaction is our priority.


Which university is best for one sitting degree?

If you’re looking for a short answer to this question then, all the UGC-DEB- approved universities are reliable to pursue your one sitting degree. Hence making them the best option for you to go ahead with your dream degree, for you might not get this chance later.

A tip of caution because with the Coronavirus outbreak, frauds on the internet have increased drastically. To which we want to make sure you don’t get into the same trap. So, while enrolling yourself into a course, make sure to look if UGC-DEB recognizes the university.

How do you do a one sitting degree?

One sitting degree is, as the name suggests, very easy and not at all time-consuming. All a student has to do is sit for a single exam. So, that will include the syllabus of all the years of their degree. This method lets you save time and energy while not limiting your full-time commitments. For more details, call now for one sitting degree fee details and admission process!   

Does UGC approve a one-year degree?

Absolutely, The one-year degree is approved and recognized by UGC for you to have greater exposure. So study while continuing with your work. while, the cherry on the cake is that now the government has acknowledged the applicants of one sitting degree for government jobs as well. 

Therefore, don’t wait anymore, for this is your chance to act towards your dream degree. For further detailed information, feel free to contact us on your official website or drop us an email.


In a nutshell, the one-sitting degree is the most beneficial program that you can pursue to get that much-awaited degree. So, now you can work, study, and earn simultaneously, saving so much of your energy. And, call now for one sitting degree fee details and admission process because we answer all of your questions.