The technological industry is increasing at an exponential speed in the country. Today, every business job requires some kind of technological knowledge. Also, the IT industry has a wide range of fields to offer a plethora of job options for students. So, pursuing a career in this field with an MSc IT Course can be a worthwhile option for students.

Therefore, students that aspire to make a career in the IT sector can complete an MSc IT degree course. Besides that, students can also opt for the MSc IT degree in distance mode. MSc IT course fees are lower when studied at a distance as opposed to in-person.

Therefore, further on, you are going to learn about the  MSc course details, MSc IT course syllabus & list. Additionally, you will know which MSc course has the highest salary?

What Is the MSc IT Course?

MSc (Master of Science) is a postgraduate degree program in the science stream. And the MSc IT course duration is generally two years. There are many specializations in the B.Sc degree program. So, students can opt for the specialization such as Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Statistics, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Statistics, Life Sciences, and Food Sciences.

Additionally, in the MSc degree program, students get advanced and elaborate knowledge of the specialization they enrol in. Also, MSc in Information Technology is one of the most popular degree courses among students.  

Eligibility Criteria to Enrol in an MSc IT Course

The eligibility parameters of the MSc degree program vary from college to college. However, some eligibility measures are going to remain the same at almost every college.

Therefore, some basic requirements to enrol in an MSc IT degree program are:

  • Students have to complete their bachelor’s degree in computer science or any other equivalent course. 
  • Students must complete their undergraduate degree from a UGC-DEB recognized college or institute.
  • The minimum percentile requirement is a 50% average. However, it can differ according to the college where students enrol. 

What are the Subjects In the Curriculum of the MSc IT Course?

The MSc IT program is classified into four semesters. Hence, the semester wise syllabus of the MSc IT degree is as follows:

1st Semester

In the first semester of the MSc IT degree, students learn the subjects such as Fundamentals of IT & Programming, Data & File Structures, Software Engineering, and Object-Oriented Programming.

2nd Semester

The second semester consists of the subjects such as Database Management System (DBMS), Data Communication and Networking, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, and Operating Systems. 

3rd Semester

Students learn subjects such as Web Technologies, Data warehousing and Data mining (Elective), Network Security (Elective), and Open Source System (Elective).

4th Semester

In the fourth or last semester, students get to learn Cyber Security, Software Architecture (Elective), Managing Big Data (Elective), and Project Work.  

What are the Career Prospects for MSc IT Graduate Students?

MSc is a prominent degree program, and it offers a wide range of job opportunities once students obtain their MSc degree. Hence, some of the job profiles MSc IT degree holders can opt for are-

  • Software Developer
  • Voice Team Leader-Technical
  • Network Planning Manager
  • Testing Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Security Expert
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical Operations Analyst
  • IT Analyst & etc.

Additionally, the top recruiters of MSc IT graduate students are:

  • Infosys
  • Ranbaxy
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • HCL
  • ISRO
  • BARC
  • BHEL
  • Wipro & etc.

Why Should I Complete the MSc Degree In Information Technology?

  • In this program, students learn about the computer operating systems and various other functions of computers. 
  • There are a variety of employment options for MSc IT graduates in MNCs. 
  • The future is going to be technological dominance, and most of the higher-paying new jobs will be generated in the IT field. 
  • Students can also complete this course in one year through a distance degree program. 
  • Furthermore, an MSc IT degree helps students get various high-income career opportunities in government sectors as well as the private sector. 
  • Students can complete their PhD in the same discipline after completing their MSc degree. 


Students with a creative mind and an interest in technology can complete their MSc in IT postgraduate degree. Also, if students are not able to complete their graduation degree in the traditional method, they can obtain a one-year MSc IT degree through distance education. 

Additionally, there are many UGC-DEB accredited distance education universities where students can apply to pursue their MSc IT degree in distance mode.