What is an MBA course?

MBA is a postgraduate-level course. This course has many advantages. There is one sitting degree course, An open university that gives you more advantages for the students. MBA is a Master of Business Administration MBA in Retail Management. After this course, you will be eligible to get more earning sources. But it depends upon you. How can you make yourself higher educated? Before taking admission, you will have to know about the future scope of this course. 

Retail management is disciplined in the general field of management.  Deals with management and the distribution and selling of products directly to consumers. In the specific vending points such as shops, chain stores, markets, and malls.

What are the future scopes to do this course?

The future scope is after doing this MBA retail management degree course; you will get some of the work which is the high salary paid work. So it will be good for you. 

  • Store Manager
  • Retail Buyer
  • Analyst
  • Retail Manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Brand manager
  • Image promoter

Thus, there are many more scopes that will appear to you. Also, you can get a job in these are areas-

  • ITC Retails
  • Lifestyle International
  • Tata Groups
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Reliance Group
  • Retail Industries
  • Spencers
  • Colleges & Universities

What is retail management Distance Education?

Distance MBA in retail management makes the students eligible to work as a product manager, and marketing executive, and sales manager, merchandise. There is no age restriction to take admission in this course.

What are the fees and eligibility criteria for MBA Retail Management Degree Course?

Suppose I talk about the fees structure. So, fees are affordable for the students. There are no high fees. Therefore, you should take benefits and get admission to this course. Because in the future it will give you more advantages. 

Admission time they want your Under Graduation mark sheet. If you pass out under graduation with 50% marks, you will not face any difficulty getting admission. 

MBA-ERM has to crack the entrance exam. Hence, The admission process is online and offline. 

Is there any approval from the university or not?

Yes, there is approval from the Universal Grants Commission and Distance Education Bureau. There is one single sitting course available for you. By which you can complete your whole course within one year efficiently. But, the choice is yours, what do you want.

How many benefits of Distance Education in MBA Retail Management?

There are more advantages to getting admission to a Master of Business Administration in Retail Management. First of all, the more benefits for students who want to get their higher education, but actually, they are doing their job. And they do not break their jobs. But the desire to get skills through the course they want to be more educated. 

That is good for them all. Therefore, this Distance Education Learning mode is suitable, and the students do not need to go outside of University to take classes. 

Also, they provide online learning courses. By which you can study from your home. Therefore, those working students need to come only for the exam times. Because when we make ourselves educated, then our country will educate.

Time Free course- there is flexibility to do this course. Students can study at their own time and place.

Low-Cost Fees– if, I tell you. About the Distance Education MBA Retail Management course fees. So, there are no more high fees. Fees are affordable for the students. 

You can earn while you are studying- when you are learning and living student life, you can also earn through this course of one single sitting degree. Because I do not need to go outside for classes. And you can earn side by side by job and come to the University at the exam time only. So that is why this type of study is beneficial for students they want to do for their future-making. 

Syllabus for MBA Retail Management

  • Introduction to retail management

  • Understanding the retail market
  • Luxury and lifestyle retailing
  • Retail Store operation
  • Scope for retail in India
  • Pricing and promotions in retailing
  • Understanding customer behavior
  • Customer loyalty management and CRM
  • Retail Market Segmentation
  • Role of information technology and the Internet in the retail business
  • Accounting and finance in retailing
  • Selling skills
  • Supply chain management
  • Business communication and social etiquette in the retail business

Thus, one sitting degree course provides you. It is the whole syllabus for you. Suppose you have any doubt about the course. So, you can contact your university councilors to clear your doubts. 

Can you define what a one sitting degree course is and what a single sitting course is?

One sitting degree course needs to come to the University at one sitting time. MBA 2 years course you can complete in one year. 

What are the career opportunities after doing MBA Retail Management Course?

There are career opportunities after doing an MBA retail management course. It will be good for you. 

  • Store Manager
  • Retail Buyer
  • Analyst
  • Retail Manager
  • Supply Chain Distributor
  • Merchandiser
  • Marketing Executive
  • Brand Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Image Promoter
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Customer Care Executives

Therefore, if you want to run this retail management line, you will be able to do these post works. There is a good salary package you will receive for this post. 


I hope you will understand the MBA in Retail Management course through one sitting degree course if you want to get admission. So, first of all, you will have to check your education qualification eligibility criteria. After that, you are eligible to take admission for this course. Then it is clear you can take admission in it. 

Usually, the MBA course duration is 2 years. But, if you are taking admission in a one-year degree course, you can clear your course within one year by one sitting degree. 

There is a golden opportunity for the students you have not to delay getting admission in the course. Because, there is an MBA Retail Management course and after doing this course you have more ideas to start up your own business.