If you are interested in learning painting, dancing, acting, photography, or any other artistic skills. And, if you want to make your passion a career then you can consider pursuing a Master of Fine Arts can be a worthwhile decision. Therefore, in the following content, you would read about the details of the fine arts course details and how to pursue a fine arts course online.

Thus the advancement of technology and the internet have given a revolution to the artists and their demand also has increased. There are many online platforms where you can improve your artistic skills. Also, you can gain immense popularity and make handsome money just by following your passion.

What is a master of fine arts?

Master of Fine Arts or MFA is a two years post-graduation degree course. In this degree course, students can enroll in any specialization of their interest such as sculpture, painting, computer animation, acting, dancing, creative writing, and others.

Therefore, students that opt for a Master of Fine Arts in any specific specialization acquire in-depth knowledge of that field. Also, they get imparted the vital skill set in their specialization that prepares students to become professionals in their interested field.

What are the eligibility criteria to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree?

The eligibility parameter to pursue a master of the fine art course is that students have to complete their undergraduate degree in fine arts from any UGC-recognized college/institute. Additionally, students have to obtain a minimum of 50-55% marks in their bachelor’s degree program.

However, the eligibility criteria may vary according to the college. Therefore, students first check the eligibility requirements of the particular where they want to enroll for the course.

How to apply for the Master of Fine Arts degree course?

There are many colleges and institutes that offer a master’s degree in a fine arts course. Therefore, undergraduate students can apply to any UGG-approved institute or college to pursue this degree program. 

Additionally, students can pursue their master of fine arts courses in regular or online mode. Hence, To pursue a master’s degree in fine arts course online, students can apply at any UGC-DEB recognized college.

What are the subjects in Master of Fine Arts?

In a master of fine arts degree, students get both theoretical and practical knowledge of the specialization they opt for. However, there are some of the core subjects that are common in every specialization.

Therefore, some of the core subjects in Master of Fine Arts degree are-

  • History of Indian Architecture
  • History of Indian Painting and Sculpture
  • Aesthetics & Principles of Art Appreciation
  • History of Indian Art
  • Mechanism of Artistic Perception
  • History of European Art
  • Principles and Sources of Art
  • History of Oriental Art
  • Sociology.

Additionally, below are listed the semester wise syllabus of the master of fine arts course-

  • First semester

Advertising Principles and Practices, History of European Art-I, Visualization/ Illustration/ Photography, Creative Painting/ Mural Design/ Portrait/ Landscape, and Occidental Aesthetics-I.

  • Second semester

In the second semester, students learn the concepts such as Advertising Principles and Practices-II, History of European Art-II, Occidental Aesthetics-II, Visualization/ Illustration/ Photography, and Creative Painting/ Mural Design/ Portrait/ Landscape.

  • Third semester-

Advertising (Principles and practices)- III, History of Modern Indian Art-I, Visualization-III or Illustration-III or Photography-III, and Oriental Aesthetics-I.

  • Fourth semester-

In the fourth and the last semester, students study subjects such as Advertising (Principles and practices)- IV, History of Modern Indian Art-II, Visualization-IV or Illustration-IV or Photography-IV, and Oriental Aesthetics-II.

What are the job opportunities ?

Students have plenty of job prospects once they accumulate a master’s degree in a fine art course. However, students get job profiles according to the specialization they opt for. 

Therefore, some of the job prospects students can apply for are as follows-

  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator
  • Musician
  • Creative Director
  • Photographer
  • Art Restorer
  • Art Critic
  • Illustrator
  • Art Teacher, amongst others.

Apart from that, candidates can take the help of various social media to show their work to large audiences as well as make hefty money. Additionally, students that want to gain proficiency and mastery in any specific discipline can enroll in doctorate degree courses 

Furthermore, some of the top recruiters of Master of Fine Arts(MFA) graduates are-

  • Colors TV
  • SKETS Studio
  • Inbound Mantra
  • Red Apple Technologies
  • DQ Entertainment
  • Times of India
  • AAPC
  • Technicolor
  • Cognizant.
  • Robosoft Technologies, etc. 

What are the advantages of enrolling in a Master of Fine Arts?

Some of the benefits of a master of fine arts are as follows-

  • Master of Fine Arts offers so many specializations in the program. Therefore, students can choose the specialization of their interest.
  • You can pursue your passion and make it a career.
  • There are a lot of job options available in every specialization.


There are many people who have a passion for acting, dancing, sculpturing, sketching, painting, or any other art skills. Also, they want to be passionate about their profession. Also, they can get a plethora of lucrative job opportunities too. 

Therefore, the Master of Fine Arts degree program is designed to impart students with all the vital knowledge of their interesting specialization. Additionally, they gain both theoretical and practical understanding of the program they enroll for. 

Master of Fine Arts(MFA) is a two years post-graduation degree program. And, there are many specializations in this program such as graphic designing, computer animation, creative writing, and various others.

Additionally, there are many institutes where students can complete their master’s fine arts courses online. Therefore, students can apply at any UGC-DEB-accredited college/institute and compete for their postgraduate degree in master of fine arts in online mode.