Distance degree education or distance learning has numerous benefits for you. Are you worried if your distance degree is valid or not? Worry no more because now you have us.

Distance degree education is an excellent alternative if you want to work full-time while studying. However, you need to make sure that you acquire your distance education from a legitimate university. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you still have any doubts concerning distance degree education, feel free to book a free counseling session for yourself. We’re always ready to help. 

Which degree is best for distance education?

Distance education offers many subjects ranging from Humanities to Commerce and Science fields. We would suggest you ahead with the area that you like the most. If not, our specialized career counselors can help you achieve your dream degree with ease. So book a free counseling session with us from the official website as soon as possible.

Are distance education degrees valid?

It is the most commonly asked question today. We will give you the final answer. Distance education degrees are 100% recognized. However, you need to confirm that your university is UGC-DEB-approved to make your distance degree course legitimate. 

Can I get a job with a distance degree?

Getting a job with a distance degree is as easy as the regular one. The mode of education does not matter. Your skills do. So be confident with your studies and your skillset to get a job. 

What is a distant degree?

A distant degree is commonly known as distance degree education. It gives you a chance to study and pursue a degree from the comfort of your home. In this program, you do not attend physical classes but appear for the exams. 

You will observe that many universities offer distance degree courses. However, you should be wise and check if your desired university is UGC-DEB-approved. If it passes the test, then go ahead. But if it does not, stop right there because that is a fraud. 

If you want any help in choosing a university, feel free to reach out to us. Book us for a free counseling session, for we will make it a cakewalk for you. 

What are the disadvantages of distance education?

Everything in this world has its pros and cons. Similarly, distance education courses have some disadvantages too. If you want to win at choosing the right path for yourself, we are here to help. 

From our official website, opt for a free counseling session and get your doubts clear at once. 

Which degree is best, regular or private?

Not all five fingers are the same. In a regular degree, you attend your classes physically and assignments regularly. Whereas in the private distance degree education you will study from your own home. Moreover, you appear for exams and submit assignments just once.

We do acknowledge that both the programs have different advantages and disadvantages. However, you can choose what suits you the best by talking to our counseling experts. So hurry and book a slot for yourself!

Are distance education degrees valued?

 Even though we pursue distance education degrees from our homes, their value remains the same as a regular one. Your skills and knowledge do not depend upon your mode of education. 

Therefore, distance degrees carry the same value as regular degrees. 

Can I apply for a government job with a distance education degree?

The Government of India does not differentiate students based on their mode of education. Moreover, the Government of India recognizes distance education from any UGC-DEB-approved university. So rest assured about the job application. If you still need any assistance with the same, we suggest you should get a free counseling session with our experts. We can make this process a piece of cake for you.


All in all, a distance education degree is no less than a regular one. However, you need to make sure that your university is UGC-DEB-approved. It will make your degree a fair and valid one. 

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