Nowadays, the competition is so intense to get a job or to make a sustainable living. Therefore, in this advanced and fast-forward world, you have to keep up with modern culture. Therefore, one of the best ways to have a successful life is to have a good quality education. So, it has become essential for students to complete their education, and, along with that, sharpen their technical skills.

Hence, online degree courses in India allow students to complete their degree and work on other aspects of their career, such as startups, business, or even following their passion, simultaneously. 

Therefore, students can get online degree admission at any distance education college/institute. Furthermore, in the following article, you will get vital information about online degree courses. In addition, you will also learn about the advantages of online degrees in India.

About online degree courses-

The online degree course is a program in distance education mode that allows students to attend regular classes without regularly going to college. So, in the online degree course, students join the virtual online classes through video conferencing with the help of electronic devices and the internet. Also, students can take an online class from home or anywhere else. 

Additionally, in an online degree program, the college provides students with all sorts of study resources, such as e-books, videos of recorded lectures, pdfs, audiobooks, online study materials, and others. Additionally, in an online degree program, students get to interact with their teachers on a regular basis and they have to attend the class on a fixed schedule.

As a result, students that want to complete their graduation courses from home can opt for online degree courses in India. 

Why should students opt for online degree courses?

Below are noted the benefits of online degree courses-

  • First, in online degree courses, students can complete their education from home without going to college.
  • The courses are a lot cheaper than the regular degree program. So, it makes education affordable to all students.
  • So, Online degree courses are well designed to impart students with core knowledge of the specializations they opt for.
  • Hence, Online degree courses give students the choice to work and continue their studies simultaneously. 
  • Even, are certified by the UGC-DEB, so they are valid for getting plenty of job opportunities. 

What are 1 year degree courses?

Students who are willing to complete their graduation courses in a short period of time can enroll in 1 year degree courses. In this program, students can complete their degree in one year and also take all the exams at once at the end of the course. 

There are many undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses students can opt for. Hence, some of the online degree courses are as follows-

  • Online undergraduate courses
  1. BBA(Bachelors of Business Administration)
  2. B.Com(Bachelors of Commerce)
  3. BA(Bachelors of Arts)
  4. BHM(Bachelor of Hotel Management)
  5. B.Sc(Bachelors of Science)
  6. BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)
  7. BJMC(Bachelors of Journalism and Mass communication. 
  8. B.Lis(Bachelors of Library and Information Science), etc.
  • Online post-graduation courses
  1. M.Com(Master of commerce)
  2. M.SC(Master of Science)
  3. M.Lis(Master of Library and Information Science)
  4. MCA(Master of Computer Application)
  5. MBA(Master of Business Administration), and others.

Besides that, students can pursue various other bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in online degree mode. Also, students can pursue the online course in different specifications too. 

What are some prestigious distance education colleges to get online degree admission?

Students can apply at any distance education college that is approved by the UGC-DEB. So, some of the distance colleges where you can get an online degree admission are as follows-

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University(IGNOU)
  • Dr. D.Y. Patil University
  • Narsee Monjee University (Deemed-to-be University)
  • Subharti University
  • Chandigarh University
  • Online Jain University, and others.

Apart from that, students can get online degree admission through various other distance education programs. 


The online degree program addresses the issue of completing a degree while also working, as many students are unable to complete their studies due to financial constraints or because they are employed.

So, online degree India provides a convenient way of working on a job and pursuing their degree program. Also, this course allows financially weak students to continue their studies and get better job opportunities in the future. Hence, students can get jobs in fields like corporate, management, finance, and banking, amongst others. 

Furthermore, with your online degree, you can get a plethora of lucrative job prospects as per your qualification and skillsets. Additionally, students can also apply for job profiles in both the private and government sectors. So, students willing to attain a graduation degree from home can enroll in an online degree program at any UGC-DEB recognized institute or college.