What Is MBA Human Resource Management?

The MBA (Human Resource Management) is a flagship qualification designed to meet the needs and aspirations of early career individuals through the combination of general management education with the specialist area of Human Resource Management (HRM). You can find more jobs for MBA HR easily when you are educated, and you will have more skills to get a job in your favourite sectors. One sitting degree course is beneficial because most students do not want to skip their jobs and want to continue their careers. So that is why there is a degree course in 1 year available, and you can complete it in one year.

There are more one-year courses available for the students to make their future. If someone is interested in taking admission in this course, but they think that I am working, how can I do my higher studies with my job? So, in that circumstance, you do not have to worry because there is a golden opportunity available for you. You can get an admission MBA in one sitting degree.  

What are One-year Courses & It’s Approved by Government?

The admission procedure can be different. But, there is also counselling for helping you. In addition, the universities provide a one-year degree course. But, first of all, as you know, there is an online procedure. Thus, you have to go to an official online website, which can give you a chance for admission. 

Also, there is approval from the DEB (Distance Education Bureau) and UGC (University Grants Commission). This degree will give you more advantages to doing this course. Through education, you will be standing on your feet. You do not need anyone’s help. 

How many Courses are Available In an MBA?

MBA Is a Master of Business Administration course. There are more types of systems in MBA courses where you can take admission, but firstly before getting access to any class, you should know and remember your future aim by which you will have easy to reach your goal. 

List of MBA Courses are:

  • General MBA 
  • Executive MBA
  • Specialist MBA
  • Distance learning MBA

According to your choice, if you want to get admission in this course, you can take admission. Also, access depends upon your eligibility criteria. 

What Is Human Resource Management?

If anyone is running a company and they need to take one employee, who can handle all the company’s management including screening recruitment, training job applicants, and administering employee benefits programs. And they check all the programs. Also, anyone goes to the company for an interview, so the discussion will take place with the HR of the Company. 

Human Resource(HR) handles most of the vital work of the company. Human Resource Management(HRM) courses are also beneficial for those students who want to go in this line and make themselves highly educated and independent. 

List of Jobs after Completing MBA Human Resource Management

There are some important jobs for MBA HR available for the students so they can make their future through their higher studies. Of course, every person wants to get success, but when you take a step to make your future, you will do something great. 

After completing your Graduation or one-year graduation, there are more courses available for you if anyone is interested in taking admission in any course post-graduation so they can quickly get access online. Because everywhere is now an online procedure to get admission and everything.  

You can become and get in this fieldwork after doing MBA in Human Resource Management:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Senior Human Resource Manager
  • Compensation Manager
  • Staffing Director
  • Technical Recruiter
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • As a consultant profile based work, you can handle easily
  • Director of Human Resource Training and Development
  • Employment or Placement Manager

These all are above the post-work or jobs for MBA HR. You can do it, but you will have to have skills. According to your eligibility criteria and many other things, if you are selected, then you can earn good money. The Human Resource Management course is a high salary based job. You can do it with an MBA in HRM.

Which Courses you can Pursue In your Post-graduation?

There are most of the courses for the students. However, suppose you are eligible according to the eligibility criteria and are interested in taking admission in any class. In that case, you can quickly get access to any course. 

What are the Eligibility Criteria to Get Admission to an MBA In Human Resources?

Eligibility to get admission in the Human Resources course, you should pass out from any recognized university with a minimum of 50 % marks. If you have so, you are eligible to take admission in a post-graduation course. But some of the course criteria are different. 

Do you know About the MBA HR Syllabus?

You will get the MBA HR syllabus for two years. The course is slightly different in both years but similar, not more distant.

1st Year Course Syllabus of MBA HR:

Principal of Management and organisational behaviour, research methods for management, Quantitative Techniques and Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Managerial Economics, Corporate Communication, Operations Management, Accounting and Finance for Managers. The whole syllabus for first-year students of HRM

2nd Year Course Syllabus of MBA HR:

Systems and Strategies of Performance Management, Personal Management Concepts, Business Environment, and Ethics, Compensation Management, Strategic Management, Industrial relations Management, Methodology of Training and Development, Human Resource development and planning, Organisation Development and change. These all are the syllabus of HRM in the 2nd year. 

What’s the Duration of this Course?

The duration of the MBA HR course is for two years only, but if you take admission in one-year single sitting course admission, you will get a pass out in only one year. So this one single sitting degree course is beneficial for those who are doing their work and are doing their job, and for any reason, they can not break their job. But they want to get their higher education courses, so taking admission in distance education learning mode will prove suitable. 

Is an MBA Human Resource Management Easy or Challenging?

Arts students can do it, but if you are interested in finance-related jobs, you can very quickly do it. After getting a job for MBA HR, you will get good earnings. It is not easy and not challenging, but it depends on how you can manage your study. 


I hope you will understand the Master of Business Administration (MBA)course in the Human Resource Management (HRM) line. This information will be helpful for you if you want to get admission in this course so you can easily take admission, but you should have eligibility according to your chosen method. Thus, if you are working and you do not have a little time for taking the classes of this course. Then you can take admission in a one-year single sitting course and get a one-year degree.  

There are jobs for MBA Human Resource, and you can develop your future there. Also, MBA human resource management courses are so advantageous and the DEB and UGC approved universities give you a chance to prove yourself.